15 January 2019 By My Digital Agency

Video Advertising: Trend That Changed The Course Of Marketing

Marketing trends have been changing and evolving for a while now. The transition from traditional marketing to digital has brought about many changes in the way the audience views an advertisement. Video advertising is a fairly new trend that has blown away the internet and just struck a chord with every individual of all age gaps. As it’s said, a picture is worth more than a thousand words; well here, a moving picture is certainly more than a thousand words and also more than stable images. A video gives the viewer a clear idea about what the product is about and in what ways is it worth owning to them.
According to research, 74% of online traffic was generated through video advertisements in the year 2017. More than half of the total number of marketers from around the world have accepted video as content offering the best Rate on Investment (ROI), mostly because of its natural shareability. Videos can be used in a number of different ways by the marketers, be it to introduce new digital technologies or even to increase engagement and spur conversions. Video marketing is the way to go!


Video marketing stats


Advantages of video advertisements

Customers are watching more videos: The attention span of your audiences’ is deteriorating at a high speed and they need information in a much more apt and quick format. The answer to which comes in the form of a video. Statistics prove that 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. About one third of the consumers will purchase the product after watching a video advertisement.

Mobile makes viewing videos easy: The consumers nowadays don’t wish to sit on a big screen going through ads; mobile makes it easier and convenient for the users to watch an ad that plays in the background. 88% of 30 seconds ads are watched till the end on a mobile as compared to viewing the ad on the computer.

Search engines puts priority on video content: Search engine companies’ puts priority on video content while making tweaks to algorithms presenting some sites at higher rankings. Sharing videos on your social media pages, and embedding videos on your website or just including them in the blogs increases the likelihood of your audience and makes your information all the more relevant.

Too much information in too less time: A video can convey a lot more information than a piece of article containing 2000 words. In addition to that, a video is much more engaging to senses and attracts more attention from the audiences.


Trends in video advertising

Vertical video trends
By 2019, 80% of the total internet traffic will be made by video advertisements, and two out of three marketers believe that video will make up the majority of their content in the coming future. In the mobile first world, 94% of the audience hold their phones upright while capturing content on their smartphones, showing that vertical video rules the day and is expected to keep growing. Billion of Snapchat and Instagram stories are in the vertical video format. Even Facebook is embracing the vertical video trend, and just last year introduced the ‘larger rendering’ of vertical video in news feed. It was discovered that people not only enjoyed the vertical view, but also watched it for longer and with the sound on. Along with the vertical video trend, live video or live streaming videos are making a buzz in the world of advertisement. According to Facebook, live videos have 6x larger engagement compared to the non-live ones.

Story-telling in micro moments

Video that have a theme to it and starts by telling a story always has an intriguing effect on the audiences’. Consumers love the brands that are not afraid to let people in. As per research, the most popular videos on Snapchat and Instagram stories have an edgy or intimate feel to it. Consumers have a very fragmented amount of time, which they wish to use in a fruitful manner; which means instead of spending hours online, surfing the web, consumers explore the digital world in short from mobile devices. And in those ‘Micro-Moment’ moments when the consumers goes online to look for recommendation on what to do, where to go or what to buy, there lies great opportunities to connect to your customers by story-telling.

Geo-located video discovery and sharing

With passing time location has started to play a vital role in marketing. It is becoming the number one element which people use to find a video at events. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and also YouTube recently introduced the Director Mix, allowing the brands to deliver a number of localized videos in a single campaign using Google Maps data. With a strong metadata, marketers have information that will help in delivering content that will be much more relevant. For example a well targeted video could guide customers to a local retailer where the product is in stock. This trend is sure to grow as a practical need to bridge the gap between digital marketing and brick-and-motar businesses.

Online video trends

As marketers it is important to know the online video trends that are circulating the market at the moment. Video advertising is the most easy and convenient way to attract the attention of the customers, as video takes about half the time taken by them to read something online. The current online video trends that are going around at the moment are:

  • Live video/Live streaming: More than 13% of the web traffic from videos comes directly from live videos. This trend has come up in recent times and is sure to stay, as live videos eliminate the cost of production and editing. It is more authentic and raw, and the consumers feel drawn to the same for those reasons.
  • Square shaped videos: Compared to horizontal videos, 78% of space in Facebook feed is occupied by square shaped videos and it also receives higher engagement. The format of the videos has changed with time, and the consumers are more drawn towards, vertical videos. Mobile and tablets have gotten the customers to think vertical, giving more and more brands the motivation to flip things around and create vertical videos.
  • Paid/Sponsored videos: The field of video advertisement offers many great opportunities to marketers to multiply conversions on platforms like Facebook. The marketers can also make use of influencers or YouTubers, to give your content marketing a boost. The marketers may change the course of action whenever necessary, if they need the returns on investment to be at its max.
  • Mobile video/360 degrees: Video advertisements are on the forefront at the moment, because of its integration with social network and mobile. The consumers have mobile with cameras with them at all times and they can use the same to share their experiences with just a push of a button. Also the creative forms of videography like 360 videos, give the consumer a diverse experience and grabs their attention for a longer span of time. All in all, a great way to attract customers!

Our take on it?

Video advertising marketing is the newest trend at the block. We believe it is time for traditional marketers to change their base platform for digital marketing to Video and build their marketing plans around video content instead of just fitting in video strategy into existing marketing strategies. Want to know which video advertising trend would be better suited for your business? Reach out to us at info@mydigitalagency.co