27 November 2018 By My Digital Agency

Stop Typing & Start Talking With Voice Search Marketing

Marketing has been the top most discussed topic of almost all business meetings since the beginning of time. And as technology develops, trends of marketing have slowly taken a turn too. Advertising depends on where the consumer exists and which media platform is he looking through! Search engines, social media, and digital advertisements are changing every day, and the marketers can only make it easier for customers to find them, by changing with the trends and the times. Voice search marketing is one such trend which with its growing popularity is sure to bring the consumer to your business. Voice search is voice recognition technology that allows the user to search for things by speaking into the device that they are using. These can be anything from their smartphones to their home assistant devices. Google voice search queries have gone up at an increasing rate over a period of time. Understanding the rate of increase in its usage and its developments will help incorporate voice search into your digital marketing strategies.

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How to optimize your website for voice search?

Voice search is a conversational way of searching for things that the customers are interested in. Which means the content of your marketing should fit this context and be natural and user-friendly. To get the best out of voice search marketing focusing on long keywords i.e topical optimization is the key. Using relevant keywords is a necessary component for a successful voice search driven SEO strategy for any given business. Google states that voices searches are 30 times more likely to convert into action queries compared to the text searches.

In order to optimize for voice search, the marketers first need to understand the intent of the consumer. When people search something on Google, they don’t really plan on buying it, however, when it comes to voice search, people are typically at the mindset of buying that product or that service that they have searched for.


So the only way to optimize your website is through,

  1. Using natural language.
  2. Targeting long tail keywords.
  3. Providing brief answers to a query.
  4. Understanding the intent/Focusing on action queries.
  5. Tightening your local SEO Schema.


Make sure your business profile is complete; with all the details about your company updated.

How will voice search change digital marketing?

Personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, Ok Google or Alexa have a general personality sketch of their users and know a lot about their preferences through their searches. It won’t be long before voice recognition enters daily lives and takes over pretty much every aspect of a person’s life. People are happy to give additional data to these personal assistants because it improves user experience and the convenience they provide through suggesting the most relevant products and services that the user is sure to be interested in! This additional data can be helpful in targeting and personalizing ad for the consumers. Already there have been talks about Google working on conversational shopping and it’s not long before the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook or some other platform figures that out.


How voice-driven search impacts SEO?

The primary result of voice search trends is that the searches have become much more conversational than how they used to be before. People search for things as though they are talking to a friend. This gave birth to the semantic search in 2012. Semantic search adds context to the term that is been searched for. For example, if you search for ‘Hike’, you might get results for hiking boots, best places to hike, tents and everything related to the term ‘Hike’. Before the searcher used to get pages that literally mentioned the word ‘Hike’. Voice search is now capable of interpreting and providing answers for spelling correction, context based on the searchers location and also context related to personal details of the searchers.

As the golden era of technology keeps evolving, we can say for a fact that voice search marketing will be the future of digital marketing and is here to create a more conversational relationship between the marketers and the consumers.