04 July 2019 By My Digital Agency

Send Out Your Brand ‘Emotion’ Through ‘UI Motion’ (Animation)

First impression is the only chance any brand or a marketer gets with its audience; and the only way to make that an impactful one is through having a good design for a website or an app. User friendly and engaging UI is the most necessary component of making a mark in the digital world. There have been various trends in the field that have caught the attention of the audiences and worked well for the brand. Trends like programmatic advertising, digital advertising, voice search marketing, influencers, video advertising and the list can go on! Although strategizing these can help a brand attain tangible progress, marketers should never underestimate the importance of having an engaging UI. As the technology advances, there are new trends that have just evolved; one of which is UI Motion designs. Animation has created a whole new audience for itself and it is quite evident that people are drawn to it in any form. UI Motion uses animation to bring out the emotion of the brand. As it is rightly said, ‘A picture is worth more than a million words.’

Motion UI Infographic

Motion UI can be implemented in different activities like:

  • Welcoming users
  • Notifying about actions
  • To confirm an activity
  • To refresh content
  • Feedback loop

Marketers can incorporate various elements to motion design. Elements like shapes, text, lines, illustrations, video, photography or 3D objects can be animated into motion UI design for uses like:

System status for loading indicators & notifications.
Navigations and transitions can be used to show hierarchy and connection between elements, changes in functions and other such stuff.
Visual feedback notifications or messages for acknowledgements and result of the actions that the user must have just performed.

Motion UI & UX Design trends for 2019

The trends relating to advertising keep changing and will have to be evolved from time to time and adapting to what’s trending is the only way for a marketer to be relevant in the market today. Here are some of the trends that can be adopted to make a mark for your brand:

Self-Explanatory Illustrations

Gone are the days when marketers would probably engage audiences with content. With the attention span of audiences decreasing, one of the best ways to go for story-telling technique is through meaningful pictures and videos. The best option would be to have real human life characters to depict productive interaction with the users. Self explanatory UI can make a regular app look vibrant and unique based on its composition.


Marketers can add in the feature of opacity to their app to boost up their user interface. The vibrant glass like surface of the interface with different transparency settings and colours and illustrations creates attracts more audiences. In fact, opacity is the feature that is being used for designing app logos as well, as it is making a mark with the audiences.

Button-less UI

Imagine users enjoying the interface without any buttons to change the pages, or to check any kind of orders. Prime example of this feature would be Whatsapp and Instagram! This kind of UI is exceedingly gaining popularity wherein the app uses the mobile sensors to function and work on the feature of button-less UI.

Background pictures

As trends progresses, a new trend has come to the forefront of marketing, wherein a picture in the background with opacity which has become instinctively appealing to the audiences. A full screen background image using a particular picture or any specification rendered specially creates curiosity in the minds of users and also engages them at the same time. The users tend to feel attracted and refreshed looking at the images.

Contribution of web designers to mobile-first marketing

Earlier marketing used to be associated to desktop-first approach, but during the 2010s, audiences shifted to more mobile devices like tabs, mobile phones and laptops. With this the web designers had to take up the task to better the UI so as to be relevant in the market which now had mobile-first approach to it. It comprised of three categories:

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing has been a boon for brands lately, as its reach is undeniably high and is the best medium to communicate business with potential customers. As pictorial content is the main pillar of social media marketing, web designers should choose the images that are best suited for the kind of content that the marketers are putting forth and the mobile screen size. Similarly video content is to be shown keeping in mind the size and colour scheme of the creative that is going to be aired on mobile devices.

Content Marketing:

The audiences today prefer watching videos and pictures or podcast to get to know about a brand, as activities like these can be performed on the go. So to get more viewers, web designers have to add engaging visuals for lengthy content, the font used should complement the content of the post and thirdly, remove any side-bars that distract the audiences from the content of the post.

Email Marketing:

The most overlooked aspect of marketing is Email marketing; not many marketers understand the value of email marketing, wherein the most consumer accusation and retention have been achieved. Email marketing being the most effective one is not given much thought to by the web designers. Keeping the email messages short and concise so as to fit into the mobile screen, incorporating pictures, keeping the text legible and making sure that the message that is being sent to the target audience is appropriate are some of the main pointers to keep in mind as a marketer who is out to make his name in the marketing industry!

Our take on it?

UI (User Interface) plays a very important role in media marketing these days. A lot depends on how your audiences see your website or your application. Making use of different motion UI, animations and other creative designs will attract more consumers and keep them engrossed in your brand. Need strategy to come up with new Motion UI that makes your website stand out? Reach out to us at info@mydigitalagency.co