03 January 2019 By My Digital Agency

Seize the ‘Micro Moment’ As & When It Comes

‘Be in the moment’ is the most common phrase that many of us have been hearing all our lives. But no one else, apart from a marketer can ever understand the importance of a ‘micro-moment’. For him, a customer in his ‘I want to buy’ phase is the opportunity that no marketer can/should afford to lose. But how do the marketers realise when these moments occur? Or more importantly why and where do they take place? A ‘Micro moment’ is the term introduced by Google in 2015, which sums up these, ‘I-want-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-do’, ‘I-want-to-go’ and ‘I-want-to-buy’ behaviours of the consumer, which can be mapped and utilized to full extent in expanding the businesses and conversions of queries into sales.

Basics of micro moments

Micro moments are the moments experienced by the customer, where they have a rich-intent to act on a need – to know, go, do or buy a product that they may have searched for on a mobile device.These ‘rich-intent’ moments are the reasons for the decisions being made and preferences being shaped. In these moments the customers want what they want, whenever they want it – and they are drawn to the brands that can deliver on it at that very moment. The common micro moments are:

I-want-to-know moment: When the consumer is exploring or researching about a product, but isn’t necessarily in the purchase mode yet.

I-want-to-go moments: When the consumer is looking for a local store nearby where he could buy the product that he is interested in.

I-want-to-do moments: When a consumer needs help or assistance to complete a particular task or with something that he is trying for the first time. (Learning or trying something new)

I-want-to-buy moments: When the consumer is ready to make the purchase but needs help deciding what to buy and how to buy the product that he’s interested in.


Four Key Intention Moments Imgae


Why marketers should use micro moments as leverage?

The concept of micro moments can be a game changer for the businesses and the marketers in today’s times. How you ask? When the consumers act on their needs in the moment, their expectations are high and patience on the other hand is relatively low. Since the preferences and the purchases are dependent on these micro moments, the brands that do a better job at addressing their customer’s needs and deliver on their needswill have greater competitive edge. The reasons for which are listed below:

  • Many of the consumers are not brand committed. A study showed that 90% of the smartphone users are not sure of the brand that they wish to buy from, when they begin their research online.
  • Marketers get a shot at their competitors’ customers. 1 out of 3 smartphone users has purchased from the brand other than the one that they had intended to, because of the information provided by the competitors in the moment that they needed it in.
  • The presence of the marketers can provide brand awareness among the consumers. More than half of the smartphone users discover a new company or brand while conducting a search on their smartphones.

The businesses that show up get chosen. By being present in these moments, and mapping the micro moments,brands have a better chance to address their consumer needs at the perfect time and help them move along their decision journey.

How can you capture audience through micro moment marketing?

By now we can agree upon the fact that micro-moments give a fair and square chance to each and every brand that’s out there. The only condition being, that the marketers should be there to strike when the iron is hot. The sense of immediacy it puts on the marketers is clear and for them to take over even their competitors’ customers, they have to “Be There, Be Useful, Be Quick”, as Google has put it! The easiest way that the marketers can capture consumers is by:

Showing up when the consumer needs them:

When there is need, there is a chance for your brand to win the consumers over. The best way to get them to choose you is to be there when the need arises. Know the customers and always anticipate their needs. Developing a strong SEO strategy might give the marketers an upper hand on creating a conversion from just searching to buying the product.

Mobile-size your information:

As micro moments transform the consumer’s journey, mobile plays the key component in the same. Easy to navigate through, and quick, micro-moments mobile is the new go-to channel for the customers to find what they are looking for. The information that the marketers provide is only useful to customers, if they can view that on mobile and on the go. For making the shift to mobile ensure your website is optimized, social post or ads for them can be easily viewed and digested on a mobile screen.

Reach out to your customers before they do:

A study revealed that 73% of the consumers are most likely to buy products of the brand that they regularly receive relevant information from. As Google mentioned earlier “Be Quick”, it’s always better to connect to your customers before they come to you. Incorporate re-targeting ads for your known customers or use an automation platform like Act-On that sets up a trigger every time a known customer completes an action on your website. An impeccable micro-moments strategy includes the emails that the customers get, reminding them about the products that are left in the cart, or the email that offers them a special promo is the encouragement given by the brands for their customers to complete a transaction. So contacting your customers, before they can contact you can be an easy way to take a follow-up and reminding them of the experience that they have had with your brand.

Deliver valuable content:

Being quick and always being there when the consumer needs, are not the only logical steps you can take. The content that you provide to your customers plays an important role in the process of conversion as well. When the customer is looking for a specific product with certain features, and the information provided by the marketers doesn’t satisfy the customers, the conversion from searching for the product to buying the same cannot be completed. Having valuable and relevant content is a must for every marketer.

Our take on it?

Micro-moments is the opportunity that gives a slight upper hand to every marketer, but solely on one condition, that is to “Be There, Be Useful and Be Quick”. The more the marketers make use of the micro moments that the consumers have, the more it will benefit their businesses.
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