19 February 2019 By My Digital Agency

Project Soli: Technology That Lets Your Hand Do the Talking

Imagine controlling all devices around you with just a few hand gestures! Did you picture yourself in a spaceship or in some Sci-Fi movie? What if we tell you that this technology can actually become a reality in the near future? Get acquainted with Project Soli. Soli is the new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless hand gesture interactions.
The federal communications commission (FCC) approved the Google announced Project Soli claiming that it would serve the public interest and push the development of technology. The sensitive interactive control system uses a radar based motion sensors to detect and track hand movements from a millimetre away with great accuracy. This allows the users to control or interact with devices without the need of any physical controls. People will soon be able to control everything from a TV to a smart watch in a touch-free way.

How does it work?

Imagine an invisible button between your fingers; you can press it by tapping your fingers together. Now imagine a virtual dial that you turn by rubbing thumb against your index finger! These are the kind of gestures that Project Soli is developing and imagining.
The soli sensor technology works by emitting electromagnetic waves in a broad beam. Objects within the radius of the beam scatter this energy reflecting some portion back towards the radar antenna. Elements of the reflected signal, such as energy, time delay and frequency shift captures important information about the characteristics and dynamics of the object. It works on the tech found in radar, which detects moving objects through high-frequency radio waves. According to Google this is different and far more accurate than using the gesture tracking camera.
The sensors that are used in the Soli chip can capture up to 10,000 frames per second, far more than a camera can achieve. Furthermore, the radar can also pass through objects and won’t block the procedures.

What are the potential applications of Soli?

  • Smart Watches: These tiny radio wave emitting chips could feature in wearables, specially smart watches. It makes more sense to control the smart watch with the Soli chip, as it may be used to zoom into the screen without having to block the screen. It will be great to send out advertisements wherein the consumers don’t have to block the screen while browsing, ditching the screen and making it easier to scroll through the small screen with ease.
  • Smart phones: Imagine scrolling through an advertisement by tapping your fingers together or just zooming in and out of Google maps without having to cover most of the display. This technology puts the digital technology to shame! It also makes new connection with the consumers, as the marketers get to experiment with in completely new and unexplored territory with limitless possibilities.
  • Portable music player/Speakers: The chip can theoretically fit inside anything, so being used in a radio is quite a possibility as well. Scrolling through different stations and adjusting the volume on the radio would be precise with the Soli chip.
  • Drawing/Shopping apps: It could fit into a tablet or a mobile and when paired with any drawing app, it could provide the users with more accurate control over their brushstrokes. Or better yet, marketers can give a chance to their consumers to come up with their own products by drawing or designing them. It could be of great potential when used as a virtual tool with 3D tracking technology for customers to get what they are looking for just with a swipe of their fingers!
  • Smart devices: It has no moving part, and can fit onto a chip and consumes very little energy. It is not affected by light conditions and it works through most of the materials that it’s paired with. Imagine the possibilities that the technology can offer. It can be embedded in phones, smart cars and also in IoT device all around us.
  • Healthcare equipment: Replacing the cameras and other touchscreen equipment with radar based technology can be a new revolution in the field of healthcare. It reduces the risk of spreading bacteria that get transmitted through strong chemicals used to clean the equipment or the surface of the equipment or by people who are constantly touching the equipment.
  • Gaming, education and entertainment: The technology is well equipped to be used in online games or in the field of education; it sure will make learning more interesting and engaging. This radar chip can also be used at casinos to recognize a player’s turn or update the game, without any intervention from the dealer. Online gaming will also have changed course thanks to the radar based chip that is being developed.

Our take on it?

Though still in its nascent stage, Project Soli has the potential to become a game-changing technology. Given its immense promise, it would be wise for brands to research ways to realize its complete potential. Need more information about the application of this technology in your marketing strategy? Reach out to us at info@mydigitalagency.co