16 November 2018 By My Digital Agency

Micro-Influencers: The Troops of Modern Marketing

Influencers, in short are the troops that the marketers send to spread a good word about their product or the service that they render. Influencers are there to give a word of mouth to their loyal followers on social media, which is sure to boost their business by leaps and bounds as observed in recent years. Micro influencers are any of the people whose social media followers extends from 10,000 to 100,000. The kind of influence that they have on their followers makes a difference on the sales of a product that the pitched for. In the coming years, micro influencers are about to change the marketing game to many folds. Here’s how:

Micro influencers: The future of marketing:

A study showed that consumers are highly likely to follow recommendations made by micro influencers rather than macro influencers or celeb recommendations. That happens because the followers of the micro influencers relate with them on a more personal basis. For the followers, a micro influencer is not a celebrity but he is very much like other people who follow them. That makes them more reliable and trustworthy. The fact that they share the same interest and likes as their followers make them more relatable.

Micro influencers provide real advice and they’re considered to be the voice of authenticity. They are fans of the brand they promote or write about to their followers. The relationship between micro and nano influencers and their followers is intensified as the recommendations feel like coming from a friend. They are trusted on a different level by their followers.

All the more reason why micro influencers are the future of marketing is because, they are very cost effective. They do not charge as much as the high-end celebs and models and also have a higher reach than the stars. They are also easy to execute. There is no need of a manager and management of things from the marketer’s end. Once the product is with the influencer, it is their job to spread the word.

Market Study Strategies to Find Micro-Influencers

Microinfluencer Infographic

Marketing trends of micro-influencers:

According to research, 82% of consumers accepted that they would be more likely to follow the recommendations made by micro influencers rather than the macros, as they seem to be more genuine and passionate about their crafts. There are two trends that have come up making micro influencer strategies more effective and efficient tactic in digital marketing trends.

Market with a team:

Forming a team of micro-influencers gives the marketers an opportunity to get closer to their target audience and also broaden their scope of market areas. Different micro influencers have different strategies of recommendations, giving the marketers more target audience.

Be a storyteller:

Said by a renowned entrepreneur Seth Godin, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Storytelling is an art to capture a consumer’s attention in a way that they are captivated by the same. The way the influencers tell a story about a product keeps the audience engaged and loyal to the brand.

Reasons why micro influencers are the key in 2018:

More credible: Micro influencers are knowledgeable and more passionate about the niche that they cover, so their followers do see them as experts and trusted sources of information.

Engaging content: The kind of content put up by the micro influencers is engaging, as it resonates with their followers at a personal level, making it simpler for them to take the recommendations.

Authentic recommendation: Because they are genuinely interested in their field of interest, their content is authentic and personalised.

The advantage: Bloggers and micro influencers whose follower count ranges from 500 to 10,000 can increase the online presence of a brand dramatically. These smaller communities are effective because of their close, tight and loyal relationships with their influencers.

How are micro influencers effective with micro influencers?

As the follower’s increase and the micro influencers reach a certain threshold of followers, the engagement level goes down. Followers of the influencers who post about niche topics, like interior designs or fashion, follow their recommendations with utmost passion, even though they may not be a ‘household name’. For micro influencers, it’s not about how many brands they work with, it’s all about how they work with them.