16 May 2019 By My Digital Agency

Make Your Brand ‘Instagrammable’ To Capture Your Audiences’ Attention!

One of the most glamorous addictions for audiences today is Instagram! They have been a part of this visual channel since quite a long time now, which leaves the marketers wondering: Is my business Instagrammable?

Instagram Active Monthly Users


  • With about 13% of everyone on Earth using it,
  • 80% users following at least one business account
  • 25 million business profiles
  • 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram
  • 60% of users discover products on Instagram
  • Interaction rate of 2.2%

Instagram has continued to expand in the recent years, after which analysts have predicted that ads on this platform will generate impressive revenue, they are also seeing Instagram as a new engine behind Facebook’s growth as a company.

This brings us back to the question: Does your business need an Instagram account?

Well by the looks of it, this gives a clear perspective to the marketers that Instagram is the platform to be at, right now! With that being established, here are some tips that marketers can try now with their Insta accounts, to make the most of it.


Instagram Business Tips:


Tweak up your bio:

A bio is the long and short of what your brand is all about. It should attract and intrigue your target audience at the same time. Although Insta bio can only be 150 characters long, it is the marketer’s job to make it engaging for their audiences. Here are some tips that can make drafting your business bio a lot less simpler!

  • Use the voice of your brand: Understand what your target audience is expecting from your brand. The voice of your bio should reflect the personality of your brand. Go casual or formal, cheeky or cheesy depending on what makes sense for your business.
  • Include hashtags: Hashtags are the new cool. They are clickable and are a great way to show off user-generated content.
  • Incorporate emojis: These little symbols just take up just a character space and convey a lot more than words.
  • Use spacing and line breaks: Using space and breaking a line makes your bio more readable and makes your bio look a lot cleaner and organized.

Bonus tip: Use the tool Linktree for managing your author bio link on Instagram.

Next thing you need is a strategy that will make your Instagram account stand out. Your strategy will be efficient once you define your target audience, marketers need to have a clear idea about who is going to see their feed before they start posting and make a whole strategy to their Insta-game!

Using high-quality images:

Instagram is the eye-candy of social media, so it will take quite a lot of effort to make your pictures pop-up. Use high-resolution images as the users on Instagram scroll through their feeds quickly, so it’s important to use crisp, clear photos that will grab their attention.

Engage the users with stories:

More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day, out of which 39% of people surveyed said they become more interested in the product once they see it on stories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million on Instagram. Post as many videos as you can to keep your audiences engaged.

Stats Suggest: 50% of businesses on Instagram have produced a story.

Instagram influencers:

Millennials and Generation Z shoppers don’t particularly follow or look up to celebrities anymore. It is the life of these influencers that they like to follow and keep up with to know how they live their lives and what products they purchase.

Stats Suggest: Influencer marketing is providing 11 times the ROI than other forms of Digital Marketing.

Call to action is the key:

Instagram users have a short attention span, and they might move on to the next post, unless you have a worthwhile mission for them which could be anything from directing them to their Instagram stories where they get updates on special events or limited-time sales. You can also persuade them to tag a friend in the comment section, or making them visit their YouTube page. Any action that will take them from being passive users to being an active voice for your brand can be considered as a worthwhile call to action.

Measure success and make adjustments:

Realise that Instagram is a constant and ongoing journey that can never be over. Once you’ve started using Instagram for promoting your business, marketers have to keep a regular check on the progress that they have made and which techniques is being useful for their business and which need to be put on hold for a while. You’ll want to track the results of individual posts, ads, and stories, as well as your Instagram business account as a whole.

Bonus tip: Use social insight for tracking key analytics.

Our take on it:
Instagram is a platform that has all the scopes that marketers can think of when it comes to Digital Marketing. The techniques that can be used to advertise different brands are endless and can be tapped into with just creativity and efforts. Want to know how you can use Instagram for marketing your brand? Reach out to us at info@mydigitalagency.co