01 February 2019 By My Digital Agency

Identify Relevant Content with ‘Intelligence’

Wouldn’t it be easy if there was a system that would help you understand the context of an individual piece of content without having to read the whole thing? Well, content intelligence does the same thing using machine learning, natural language processing, mega data and artificial intelligence (AI). Content intelligence provides an insight on third-party content to increase marketing results. Worried about some robot like Wall-E coming over and stealing your creative marketer job? No, that’s not how it actually works, take a look!

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What is content intelligence?

Content intelligence helps marketers understand a piece of content and the context that it stands for, so that you they can use that information in decision making process of that content. It can even automate and execute those decisions for you. It uses several different technologies and applies them in content marketing. Some of those technologies are:

Meta Data: It involves computationally studying large data sets that reveal patterns about the audiences and the trends that are going around and their associations with the consumer. Big data is the data that is collected through browsing history of the consumer on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reedit and also Wikipedia. It is then used to predict everything from stock performance to seasonal buying behaviour.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is intelligence displayed by any device and perceives its environment and takes actions to increase the chances of achieving a goal. Artificial Intelligence is the process that involves programmed computers using huge amount of data, training the machines in a way humans might carry out certain tasks. In this modern day and age, AI is used for different purposes, including reasoning, planning, communication, and learning in many fields. Your shopping assistants, chatbots and interaction systems can be prime examples of AI.

Content intelligence not only draws on these technologies, but it also uses systems and software that transforms data into observations that can be acted upon for content strategy and tactics.

What it actually means for digital marketers?

Digital marketers will have to dive in deep to understand this technology, as content intelligence is assisting all across the content marketing life cycle of any brand. Content intelligence helps marketers in every process of marketing and is bound to increase their connection with their consumers. Here’s how it helps in every aspect of marketing:

Strategizing: It helps in analyzing the consumer’s interest and that can be used in shaping a better content strategy.

Planning: Content intelligence will help in understanding how to create unique content and when and where the same is to be published.

Producing: It will help the marketers to optimize content as and when they create it, as it is now possible for them to know what their consumers are looking for.

Promoting: It can help in knowing when, how and where to post content and in what sense they can promote their products and get the maximum rate of conversion.

Analyzing: It helps in understanding results and where there is scope for improvement in the content.

Amplifying: Content intelligence can help in amplifying content to optimize ROI, with all the possible analysis and data that the marketers can gather using this technology.

What are the marketer’s challenges with content intelligence?

The only challenge that the marketers are bound to face is that with so many channels and platforms, which of them will connect with their consumers and be relatable in the process is difficult to choose. Consumers have become powerful; they are expecting brands to give authentic, reliable, engaging and personalized content. With so many different objectives and the need to get ahead with their audiences, it is hard for the marketers to:

  • Ensure that their message resonates.
  • Keep in check and updated changes and events across a multi-channel network.
  • Keep track if your budget is yielding the desired ROI and reaching the objectives that have been set by them.

Content intelligence is the path for the future

Content intelligence can be the future of digital marketing, now more than ever, as it is easy for the marketers to understand their audience right from their behaviour to their interests in what they wish to own. With audience profiling, the right tools that process the information for the marketers and identify the buying patterns of their consumers, it can be easier for the marketers to craft engaging content and in turn achieve their objectives.

Marketers are leveraging data to simplify their jobs by using content intelligence, making it beneficial for the audiences and also bringing creativity back to the table! Learning and understanding about the audiences has become possible because of the data that is readily available and can be processed more easily from multiple sources. This gives the brands an edge in owning an effective content strategy. These are the key indicators that suggest content intelligence is the path for the future success of brands.

Content stats that would make you want to invest in content intelligence

70% of marketers lack consistency or an integrated content strategy: Content is one of the most valuable assets that a brand can put forth to promote or sell its product. By using content intelligence you can analyse your competitor’s content and also know how its performance has been, along with the things that the content lacks in between – allowing your brand an edge to deliver what isn’t being delivered in the market.

70% of content marketers are increasing their investment in marketing technology: The latest trends and greatest technology is always something that gets the marketers investing! Although Content Intelligence is new in the market, it sure is rising to the top of the trend list. With majority of the brands relying on the technology to help with strategizing, it is safe to say that CI is on the list of investments for most of the marketers.

How has Content Intelligence made marketers smarter?

Content Intelligence can help answer some of the toughest questions that any marketers would face; it helps in the decision making process, and can also predict the outcomes of the decisions that the marketers take. These are the questions that Content Intelligence answers, pushing marketers towards efficiency and success!

  • What type of audience will you be addressing today?
  • What type of content will you be sharing with your audience?
  • Which is the best time slot to post your content so that it reaches the audience effectively?
  • Where will you find most of your audience and which platforms are they using?
  • How to set a budget and for what kind of content, that will deliver best results?
  • How can you determine if you’re reaching the objectives that you’ve set for your brand?

The questions that most of the marketers have and which have kept them from reaching to the top, can be answered with content intelligence. This trend will make looking into different areas with a lot more accuracy and find efficient marketing strategy for brands to come!

Our take on it?

Content Intelligence is making the news already! Using technologies like big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other software, content intelligence has come a long way in helping marketers own the information needed to analyse and come up with the best marketing strategy for their brands. Need help with Content Intelligence for your content marketing? Reach out to us at info@mydigitalagency.co