05 November 2018 By My Digital Agency

Digital Advertising: A market’s game changer

Digital ads have changed the face of market and business in it complete entirety! It gives the brand a larger scope to market their products to the buyer and also has a bigger reach. The world saw its first digital ad in 1994, it was a banner ad launched from the company named HotWired from 14 companies. From then on, there was no stopping the digital advertisings; the first ad server NetGravity in 1996, first Google AdWord in 2002, first ad on YouTube came in 2005 and then followed Facebook in 2007. Digital ads have evolved rapidly and compared to the traditional advertisements, have a much bigger reach to its potential customers.

Importance of digital advertising

Digital marketing has the highest ROI (Return on Investment), period! As the technology develops over the period of time, more and more people are seen spending their time online. An average person spends over 24 hours a week online, the sales of newspaper and magazine sales continue to decline by 16% per year, which has made the traditional ads on television redundant, giving digital advertisements a broader scope and platform to target their audiences.

Digital advertising are on a roll, because of its advanced analytics.You can never pin-point if the traditional ads were able to get the consumers attention or if it was conversable enough for the audience to help build their brand. But through the algorithms used in the digital advertisements, the brands are able to identify the consumer behaviour and also their interests, which in turn gives them a fair clue about where they can post their ads and how much conversions they can expect.

Digital buyer can hyper-personalise their advertisements, according to their target audience which comes with digital marketing. Segmentation works with email marketing, which is another important part of digital marketing in which they can go to individual level and market their brand to their potential customer.

Digital advertising trends

Digital advertising is at its peak at the moment, and according to researchers it is not going to change anytime soon now. There are various trends in the marketing industry that are here to stay and give the brand a vast scope and reach to their audiences. Here are some trends that have made digital advertising bloom like never before:

Omni-channel marketing: Buyers have a habit of browsing through different platform before they settle for a particular product. Advertising your brand on different channels will provide you with wider scope of conversion for your brand. Having a website that is accessible on desktop, mobile phone, also as an app and through other sites, gives a lasting impression to the consumer, which in turn becomes a conversion.

Google AMP: In some countries, the internet speed is not as impressive; to cope with which Google recently came up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project last year. It allows the ad designers to build ‘lightweight’ pages that load at lightning speed, which is enough to fit the consumer’s attention span.

Outstream videos: It is a new trend that allows the publishers to show video ads outside of an actual video player. Up until this trend, brands were allowed to run their ads before or during a video within a video player. This restricted the advertisers in terms of placement and did not help in monetizing their ads. The outstream trend gives the advertisers an expanded reach and has driven competition for ad placements comparatively down.

Future of digital advertising in India

With 200% growth in mobile usage, availability of internet at cheap prices, increased ratio of young and educated population, inclination of consumers towards e-commerce, increase in the popularity of social media, it is easy to determine that the future of digital advertising in India is phenomenal and it is here to stay! According to reports, ads placed on social media received 88% visits and clicks. It is the most engaging way of digital ad world and the brands have been successful in being able to recognize it.

How to create digital advertising strategy

A good advertising strategy depends on:

The customer journey: It is the journey wherein they transform from consumer to customers. They should be made aware of what your brand is offering, in the second stage they evaluate your product or services against competition and in the final stage they convert to customer.


Traffic temperature: It is the readiness of your web-visitors to make a purchase measured from cold to hot. In the first stage the consumer is cold as he is being made aware of your brand. In the next stage they are warm as they evaluate your service and products. In the third and final stage which is hot traffic, the consumers have already made a purchase and have been converted.

Here is the strategy that makes your advertisement stand out:

Identify your target audience; which should have 2-4 profiles.

Research about the profiles that you have selected to target.

Identify the hooks, i.e the attractive element about your product or service that is sure to convert your web-visitors from consumers to customers.

Write an ad copy that is unique and precise for every profile that you chose to target at. If you have 3 profiles and have 4 hooks, you will write 12 total ads.

Generate visually stimulating creatives that are bold and will grab the consumer’s attention and finally encourage conversion. You need at least one creative per hook. Memes, heart-touching pictures are sure to do the trick!

Run those ads for about a week and then compile the results. You can then make changes in your execution according to the results you found after compiling the results.

It is clear now, that to boost up a brand’s market or sales their digital marketing strategy should be credible. Online is the consumers are, and they expect the brands to reach them there and for them the easier the process of conversion is, the more they are likely to come back to the same brands over and over again!